Some few years back while I was still a junior in high school, I hated (though that’s a strong word to use)  everything that has to do with Literature. I took my better time avoiding classes and using those precious moments to do something silly or things not productive enough.

Fast Forward a few years into the future and I can’t stop writing. Am addicted to books. Be it in the form of Novels, Poetry, Magazines even Journals.

My point is this. Life has a funny way of making things happen that you never thought would be possible.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride she has planned for you. After all, No knowledge is lost. It’s all stored in your subconscious just waiting to be applied.

Quillmastro is all about life, learning what makes you special. Reading words buried beneath the pain of some writers and the Joy of knowing you could *Accomplish More* than you ever thought capable of doing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Call me Steven. Your guide through this great adventure you just signed up for.